Ride Sierra Nevada Case Study
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[February 2007] A version of the film appeared on the big screen at the 2007 Mountain Film Festival in Fort William

In March 2006 Ride Sierra Nevada (henceforth referred to as RSN), a mountain biking holiday company based in Southern Spain commissioned Visual Euphoria to produce a film that would highlight the riding and scenery that their holidays offered. After we initially contacted them and explained what we could do for them, Shaun & Csilla, the founders of RSN, quickly realised the potential that a promotional video could have on their bookings. We explained how getting a high quality video to a large audience over the internet was now possible with very little expenditure. Video depicts the adrenalin and excitement of activities such as Mountain Biking far better than a photo ever could.

RSN came up with a story and we worked with them to develop the idea, recruit a cast, choose locations and work out a filming schedule. Many of the locations were accessible only by bike which meant a gruelling ride in and out with the equipment. We shot the film over a period of 7 days - some of those days were characterised far more by riding than by filming as the locations were far from the road. We produced summary sequences of each days filming as we went along to make sure we were capturing the right sort of material and to get some early feedback from RSN. We used professional hand held DV cameras for trackside shots and bike and body-mounted camera equipment that  would give the viewer a feeling of participation. One of the aims of the film was to appeal to as wide a section of the mountain biking community as possible - ladies and gents, younger and older, adrenalin addicts to laid back cruisers - without losing the storyline or peoples interest. That meant different riders, skill levels, terrain and speed.

We needed 2 different tracks that would highlight the contrast between the riding scenes and the bar scenes. We spoke to a number of record labels and musicians and were fortunate to discover Yush2K who was able to provide 2 tunes whose ambience worked very nicely with the film.

Taking advantage of the latest internet video technologies the film was launched in September 2006 on one of the UK's leading Mountain Bike websites - BikeMagic, as well as the Ride Sierra Nevada website and video archives such as youtube. The film is instantly viewable by anyone with a basic broadband connection anywhere in the world. In addition, downloadable files for use on mobile phones, PDA's and IPODs have also been provided to maximise the potential audience that the film attracts. For the launch a viral advertising campaign was initiated with the sending of a 30 second email "trailer" to a mailing list targeting past and potential customers. The trailer can be viewed in the showreels section of this website or downloaded from Ride Sierra Nevada.

RSN customers past and present have already been commenting on the persuasiveness of the film. It is too early to quantify the effect that the film has had on the RSN business but this article will be updated with viewing stats and reports of the improved conversion rate of website visitors to booking customers. Shaun, who fetches his clients from the airport, is already seeing some changes: He was surprised by one group who arrived shortly after the film was launched. They headed straight for him in arrivals having recognised him from the film and couldn't wait to experience for real what they had seen on the internet. "Normally I just keep looking out for the right sort of group and a few bike bags coming through together but it looks like they'll be looking for me now!"

Adverts and articles about the film are set to appear in magazines in coming months and a high quality DVD mailshot could follow. If this campaign is successful RSN intend to undertake a more ambitious project with us. This would involve a co-operative of local businesses that could benefit and share the cost of a larger production as well as a corporate sponsor (they received enquiries during the production of this film). Watch this space.

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